M.R.M (Palma, Spain, 1967)

Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of the Balearic Islands (U.I.B.). However, his passion for art and sculpture brings him to study in several art academies, such as Francisco Gaita’s, Joan Vich’s and Maria Isabel Ballester’s Schools. He also has training in sculpture at the Centro de Artes Aplicadas in Girona, Spain, by Mauricio Rubio, and, thanks to a grant from Caja Madrid, in El Escorial, Madrid, with the outstanding sculptor Julio López Hernández.

His work, full of Mediterranean heritage, always has as a main character, the human being, alluding mainly to introspection and to the daily struggle with himself. He mainly works with mud, to then heat it and use the casting technique in different materials.

Nowadays he works with refractory clay, breaking to then recompose and polychrome it



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