É. K. (Szolnok, Hungary, 1963)

She studied at the University of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary, and at the Alsterdamm School of Art in Hamburg, Germany, where she obtained a graphic design degree and worked as an art director for magazine companies.

She took painting classes with Dr. Imre Drazsnyàk, Zoltán Tölg Molnár, Clemens Gröszer, Rob de Vry and Jo Milne.

Her work is characterized by the investigation of the history of art. The way of conceiving her motives goes from figurative objects to abstract ones.

With her work “GLAMOR ROSES” and “COSMOS MELODIES”, she seeks the perfection of the world, the truth, the world conscience and the universal ties, all through the symbolic language of flowers as link between cultures, people and human beings.

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